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Spokane & CDA Landscape Design

Elevate your living experience with nature’s touch. At Wall & Company, we artfully blend nature’s vibrant beauty with architectural finesse to create exquisite landscapes that resonate with elegance and functionality. We’d like to craft a harmonious outdoor sanctuary tailored just for you.

Whether you envision a tranquil garden retreat or a vibrant space for entertainment, Wall & Co. is a Spokane landscape design company equipped to bring your dream to life.

Get in touch with us to find out how we can help your space tell its own story of elegance.

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Spokane Landscaping

Dive into a custom design experience. Our expert designers visualize and create spaces that perfectly complement your lifestyle..

Spokane Hardscaping

Marrying functionality with art. From walkways to patios, our Spokane hardscaping solutions are meticulously crafted to withstand time,.

Retaining Walls

Elegance meets engineering in Wall & Co.'s retaining wall installations. More than just functional barriers, our retaining walls.

Sprinklers & Irrigation

Nature thrives when it's nurtured. With our state-of-the-art sprinkler systems, ensure your lawn and garden remains lush and.

Core Values That Make Us Tick:

At Wall & Company, our core values are what make us go. When we arrive at your home, you can rest assured that our landscaping crews will complete their work with:





Our adept designers intertwine your dreams with our expertise, creating landscapes that echo with your personality while nestling seamlessly into nature. Let’s mold an environment together that’s not only seen but deeply felt, every time you're outside.
When it comes to landscaping companies, we compete with the very best in every aspect. Our landscapers in Spokane Valley are hardscape experts who execute the creation of beautiful landscape designs while ensuring our clients' needs come first.
If you need landscape design services, sprinkler installation, landscape lighting, a new hardscape, or patio installation in the Spokane, WA area, our licensed and bonded landscaping company will make your dream a reality.
In the realm of landscaping enterprises, Wall & Company carves its own niche—where every project is a masterpiece, sketched by your desires and crafted by our expertise. Our Spokane Valley landscapers weave your aspirations into a canvas of reality, ensuring that every petal, every stone, and every droplet of water is a testament to our vision of functional landscape design.
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We pride ourselves on making sure every Spokane landscape design client is 100% satisfied.
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Whether your space demands a full-scale Spokane Landscape design, soft landscape lighting, or the robust elegance of a new hardscape across the expanses of Spokane, WA—Wall & Company is here to transform your dreams into living reality.

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Spokane Valley Landscape Designers

We ensure your Spokane landscape design provides lasting beauty. Your landscape’s health goes beyond the initial design and installation; it thrives on dedicated and consistent care. At Wall & Co., we offer maintenance services tailored to the unique needs of each design we provide.

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